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I created my first web page in college. I could tell you when that was, but it's been ages. Anyway, The site has been through several incarnations. It's moved servers, sites, and changed content a number of times. Sometimes its only purpose has been to hold information or pictures for me, sometimes it's to provide information to others. But always it's mine. I can make limited apologies for what you find here. I hope it will be helpful, failing that, interesting, and failing that, amusing, and if it is none of those things, it is at the very least wordy.


Points of Interest

I recently lost my 3 1/2 year old nephew to brain cancer. (What's recent? All times are too soon, but he passed away December 1st, 2006) He was an active, loveable guy with a strong sense of individuality and brilliant mind. I will miss him forever.

If you've a mind to promote positive action in the wake of tragedy, please consider brain cancer research, The Ronald MacDonald House, or your local children's cancer research hospital.

The Fiber Arts Avengers worked tirelessly during my nephew Nat's illness to help raise money for his treatment. Fiber Arts Avenger

Further Reading

If you've gotten this far (or skipped ahead), you might be thinking how great this all is and how much more of my writing you'd like to read.

So, I, like many other useless internet junkies, have a blog. The blog is pretty buttoned down at this point, with a lot of cuts, tags, and locks (If you don't know what those are, you will after some time at my blog), but censorship, even self-censorship, isn't always the easiest thing to accomplish, so I ask that if you read something in my blog that moves you strongly and disinclines your heart to interact with me, you should probably drop me a mail or comment to let me know. Chances are good I didn't mean to offend you and equally good that I'm open to discussion.

I've also done some writing for role playing journals: Harry Potter RPG journals: Frank Longbottom's weblog Which then moved to Greatest Journal Augustus Rookwood Vorkosigan RPG journals: Captain Lord Ivan Vorpatril Lord Richars Vorrutyer Byerly Vorrutyer

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